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First Birthday

For your baby's first birthday you will probably want it to be a small affair consisting of close friends and family. Though it may be small, this birthday party is still a very special one so be sure to treat it that way.

For your baby girl a fun idea is a bow head birthday party. Design the invitation with a picture of your little one, preferably a funny one and run a patterned bow through the invite. Ask little ones to wear their favorite bow to the birthday party and boys can wear their favorite hat.

For the decorations, definitely make it pink. Try three different shades of pink: dark pink, baby pink, and a pink between the two. Rather than having a big centerpiece, use several different vases of different shapes and sizes and place the different pink colored Gerber daisies in the vases. Let the vases run down the middle of the table, not necessarily in a perfect row. Get lots of different colored pink balloons; be sure to stick to the three colors because anything over three will look chaotic. Make sure the balloons have ribbons that run pretty close to the floor as this will probably be a big part of your entertainment (babes always love balloons).

Don't forget the cake, which is one of the most important elements of the first birthday party. Design a polka-dotted cake with the three different colored pinks that you chose for the flowers and balloons to tie it all together. Most importantly, make a smash cake for the guest of honor; her first birthday cake. Make sure her cake is a smaller version of the big cake. Let her have the entire thing to do with it what she pleases and get ready for a big, fabulous mess.

For the little boys, you can basically flip-flop this entire event around and make it a hat head birthday party. Ask the guys to wear their favorite baseball cap and the gals to wear their favorite bow.

For the decorations, make it blue. Choose three different shades of blue: dark blue, baby blue, and a blue between and let the blues flow through the above decorations.